Modern Martini™ is a ready to drink premium martini. Offering a distinct quality that makes it unique from the other brands, Modern Martini™ uses premium vodka to blend tasty cocktails for you to enjoy. Even though the martinis are made with vodka, Modern Martini’s drinks are 17% vodka proof. You can savor the taste for a longer period of time. Currently, there are four flavors offered by Modern Martini™.

Apple Fuji

If you love apple juice, you will find the Apple Fuji martini irresistible. Adding a splash of premium filtered vodka to pure apple juice makes the Apple Fuji martini one of the best offerings by Modern Martini™. From the first sip itself, you will experience the classiness and style promised by the brand. With the low vodka quotient, you can enjoy a few glasses of Apple Fuji. It makes the ideal drink with ice and you can enjoy it when you go to the beach or on a picnic.


One of the most beloved cocktails in the world, Modern Martini™ puts a twist on the conventional Cosmopolitan. The much loved favorite of cranberry juice lovers, the Cosmopolitan cocktail is a frequent feature in movies and TV shows. You can enjoy a premium Cosmopolitan martini with your friends by taking a four pack of Modern Martini with you. Not to forget the aroma of the Cosmopolitan martini. Open the bottle and let the smell drift for a while before pouring it out. Modern Martini’s Cosmopolitan provides a drinking experience unlike any other.

Island Citrus

The tangy and piquant taste of the Island Citrus martini is tempting. Once you have taken a sip, you will find it hard to stop drinking. The distinct combination of orange, lime and lemon with a splash of vodka makes the Island Citrus martini one of the Modern Martini’s best blends. Get a touch of the islands with the perfect ready to drink Island Citrus martini.

Sex on the Beach

Equally attractive as its name, the Sex on the Beach martini is the perfect beverage for a hot day. Providing a fruity punch you will devour, Sex on the Beach is unrivaled in its popularity. It is a cocktail almost everyone likes. Few people can resist the flavor of peach schnapps and orange juice along with a variety of other fruity ingredients. With Modern Martini™, have a glass of Sex on the Beach you will remember for a long time.

Double Dutch Chocolate- Coming Soon!

Mint Ice Chocolate-Coming Soon!

Strawberry Creme- Coming Soon!

Passion Fruit- Coming Soon!