Modern Martini™ is the ready-to-drink vodka beverage in it’s sleek and sexy patent modern design bottle.

Superior Filtration=Superlative Libation
Modern Martini™ is made from only the finest premium vodka (17% alcohol by volume) and is infused with a classic essence and rich flavor.

Our vodka is meticulously filtered through virgin coconut husk carbon, which is proven to have superior properties for removing impurities over other filtering methods. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly than many of the rest.That means more enjoyment in the evening, and no regrets the next morning.


 Flavors to Please Any Palate

Sex on the Beach We all remember our first time … enjoying a great cocktail, that is. Sex on the Beach is one of the most wildly popular drinks around, and if there’s one thing we know here in San Diego, it’s beaches.

This delicious concoction is the next best thing to a little seaside naughtiness, but without getting any pesky sand in your nether regions.

And while you’re at it, come visit San Diego’s Coronado, ranked the #1 beach in the country for 2012 by “Dr. Beach”!

Cosmopolitan – From Sex on the Beach to a sophisticated sip of “sex in the city,” you don’t need to be Carrie Bradshaw to appreciate the consummate Cosmo.
Hit the town in high style with the Gotham-sized taste of our Cosmopolitan. Or if you prefer, kick off your stilettos and pour a glass by a roaring fire. Our Cosmo will get your night rolling, or cap off a memorable evening.

We think you’ll agree that it’s pretty in pink, and pretty perfect too.

Island Citrus – Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya’ … straight for a bottle of Island Citrus.
This punchy potion is a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Close your eyes as the first drops hit your taste buds, and you’ll practically hear the ocean breakers and the gently swaying palm trees.

Whether you shoot it or sip it, the message in this bottle is a drink sensation you’ll never want to “cast away.”

Apple Fuji – Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but Modern Martini™!
Perfect for a picnic, the crisp, lightly sweet Apple Fuji puts an orchard full of flavor in the palm of your hand. There’s nothing “teeny” about this apple. When you drink it, you’ll know that you’re picking from the top.

Coming Soon

Double Dutch Chocolate

Mint Ice Chocolate

Passion Fruit

Strawberry Creme

And remember: An Apple Fuji a day keeps the beverage blahs away.

Whichever flavor you choose, Modern Martini™ will leave your world “shaken” and your soul “stirred.” Try some today, and you too can be part of our story!